The reason why wood pallets are attacked by termites and how to overcome them

Wooden pallets are often used to transport goods in businesses. However, the biggest problem that many people encounter when using wooden pallets is the termites that invade and nest after a period of use.   With some specific commodities such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or consumer goods, the basic requirement to ensure the goods are always safe and healthy for consumers is that wooden pallets must meet standards, not termites. , warping. However, very few companies in Vietnam can ensure this, while the majority of wooden pallets are domestically produced raw materials and raw materials. The termites make termites easy to penetrate and attack.

The quality wooden pallets are too expensive, the demand is low, so the manufacturers limit the production of these items. In fact, many companies spend a large amount of money to invest in handling warping for wooden pallets, but in return, the price is too expensive and does not suit the general needs of the majority of consumers. Therefore, businesses also limit the production of high quality wooden pallets. Instead, the raw wood pallets, cheap price is the first choice.   To limit termite pallets attack, you should note a few things: – Using wooden pallets of quality standards, must be heated with specific temperature and time regulations (56 degrees C and 30 minutes).   – Use Methyl Bromide to disinfect. If you notice pallets with the word MB in the standard mark, the minimum sterilization temperature is not less than 10 degrees Celsius, these are wooden pallets treated with this solution.

– Preserving wooden pallets in cool, dry places, limiting the humidity or prolonged exposure in the sun. Proper storage is also one of the tips to increase the shelf life and durability of pallets.   Above are some basic reasons that make wood pallets vulnerable to termites and basic remedies. Using wooden pallets will help you save a small cost, but it is important that you choose a solution to treat termites effectively, prevent this disease. before shipping export goods. But do not be too worried because most of the current Wood Pallet suppliers have carried out the treatment of Wood Pallet Termite disease thereby giving customers the best standard products.

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