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  • Common sizes of export pallets

    Item Size Weight Entry 1 OWH-7474 740*740*130 5 4 Way Entry 2 OWH-1010 1000*1000*120 6.9 4 Way Entry 3 OWS-1010 1000*1000*125 5.8 4 Way Entry 4 OWH-10982 1090*820*128 6.6 4 Way Entry 5 OWH-1174 1100*740*117 6 4 Way Entry 6 OWH-1180 1100*800*140 6 4 Way Entry 7 OWH2-1180 1100*800*125 6.5 2 Way Entry 8 OWR-1111 […]
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  • Common sizes of factory pallets

    Model Number Size Weight Entry 1 A2-0806 800*600*130 6.5 2 Way Entry 2 A2-1006 1000*600*127 7.5 2 Way Entry 3 R-1010 1000*1000*150 23 4 Way Entry 4 H-1050 1050*1050*150 19 4 Way Entry 5 HO-10682 1060*820*150 13.5 4 Way Entry 6 H-1174 1100*740*140 15 4 Way Entry 7 HO-1108 1100*800*144 13 4 Way Entry 8 […]
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  • The reason why wood pallets are attacked by termites and how to overcome them

    Wooden pallets are often used to transport goods in businesses. However, the biggest problem that many people encounter when using wooden pallets is the termites that invade and nest after a period of use.   With some specific commodities such as pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or consumer goods, the basic requirement to ensure the goods are always […]
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  • Pallets fit any kind of warehouse shelf

    Advantages of application of pallets In the process of producing, manufacturing and storing goods at industrial warehouses and factories. Typically, products are stored and stored in large quantities on large-scale industrial warehouse shelves. Industrial warehouse shelves are designed and built primarily on iron, metal steel, versatile, easy to assemble, convenient to move, increase shelf size, […]
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  • What is plastic pallet? Assess pros and cons

    First of all, to understand what pallet wood is, we need to understand each related concept, so it will be much simpler to learn about this material in each specific part. Pallets are understood in the simplest way as pallets with a flat structure, used to fix goods that are not moved or tilted when […]
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  • What is a pallet? Plastic pallets are the most popular

    What is a pallet? A pallet (also known as a cargo pallet) is a flat horizontal structure used to load goods for storage or to be circulated in a warehouse by hand trucks, electric stackers or other lifting equipment. A pallet is a structural unit that allows efficient handling and storage of materials and goods. […]
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