Pallets fit any kind of warehouse shelf

Advantages of application of pallets In the process of producing, manufacturing and storing goods at industrial warehouses and factories. Typically, products are stored and stored in large quantities on large-scale industrial warehouse shelves. Industrial warehouse shelves are designed and built primarily on iron, metal steel, versatile, easy to assemble, convenient to move, increase shelf size, floor shelves, especially with high durability. , withstand large cargo loads

Each type of shelf in industrial warehouses, especially for heavy-duty industrial products such as electrical, electronics, automobile manufacturing, etc., requires different pallets. about the size and weight of the product. Iron pallets are durable, long service life, loading capacity on each pallet from a few hundred kg up to a few tons. Iron pallet suitable warehouse shelves?
Heavy duty shelves such as double deep shelves, selective racks, drive-in racks, etc. are usually installed with durable and solid structure, stored goods will be placed on pallets and used forklifts to transport goods. Move goods up, down and relocate on the store shelves. Shelf shelves depending on the design and purpose of use that is designed to have floor or not. The pallet frame is made of solid metal, so that the pallet is easy to place, order, move goods along the grooves on the rails of the pallet racking bracket as for drive-in racks while ensuring safety. for both goods and workers below.

Due to the characteristics of the product weight, the structure of iron racks, steel racks in building warehouse racks, and how to operate if using wooden pallets, plastic pallets, after using time, they will be fast. breakage, damage due to working environment, unsafe, costly investment, new replacement. Therefore, businesses are very preferred and prefer to choose iron pallets for the storage of goods of the enterprise, only cost the initial investment, bring high storage efficiency, iron pallets will be recycled and re-used. Use when it is no longer needed.

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